Total Solar Eclipse in Elgin County

Mark your calendars for the astronomic event of a lifetime!

On April 8th Elgin County and a lucky few areas in southern Ontario will witness a total solar eclipse.

The last total eclipse experienced in the province was February 26th, 1979, in Northern Ontario, and the next one won't happen again over the province until 2099.

People usually have to travel to the other side of the planet if they want to see a total solar eclipse, but this year you will have a chance to see it right here in Elgin County.

The total solar eclipse will take place from approximately 2pm-4:30pm depending on the specific viewing point.

Elgin County has 7 amazing public viewing spots which offer free public parking:

  1. Port Glasgow Beach
  2. John E. Pearce Provincial Park
  3. Fingal Wildlife Area
  4. Port Stanley Main Beach
  5. Port Stanley Little Beach
  6. Port Bruce Beach
  7. Port Burwell East Beach

For more information, check out our solar eclipse website by clicking here.

Monday, April 8, 2024 - 14:00
Elgin County