Southwold, Township of

Including Shedden, Fingal & TalbotvilleA predominantly rural community with a strong agricultural base, Southwold’s small hamlets and beautiful countryside make it a great locale for an excursion.  Both a dude ranch and a retreat centre have helped make memories here for more than fifty years. Local flavours are available for purchase at area fruit orchards, maple syrup bushes and other on-farm markets. Rhubarb fans return each year to the Rosy Rhubarb Festival, a celebration of everything rhubarb. Later in June the Shedden Tractor Pull 'pulls' in thousands for displays of power and competitive spirit. The Shedden Fair is an end-of-summer tradition in late August. Southwold Prehistoric Earthworks is the only archaeological site of its kind in Canada.  Its double mounds of earth are the remains of a Neutral village inhabited around 1500 AD.  Enjoy the many species of birds as you stroll on the ‘War to Roses’ walking trail at the Fingal Wildlife Management Area, symbolically named in reference to the site’s past as a World War II training facility. The site is especially popular with amateur astronomers, who find that its isolation from light pollution provides the perfect dark sky.

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35663 Fingal Line
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