Elgin County Maple Trail

#TapIntoElgin this maple syrup season and experience a quintessential Canadian activity that heralds the beginning of spring in our country. Learn from local maple connoisseurs about the various historical methods of producing maple syrup. While you’re visiting, tour an old-fashion sugar shanty, taste sweet and delicious syrup samples, ride on a horse drawn wagon or purchase maple products to savour long after your maple adventure!

Use the hashtag #TapIntoElgin when you're in the area this maple syrup season.

Must See: The Trek of the Tundra Swan

It is said that some 120,000 swans make their way from the Chesapeake Bay on the boarder of Maryland and Virginia, USA to the breeding grounds of Alaska and Baffin Island. In the month of March, visit the Aylmer Wildlife Management Area (AWMA) to see the Tundra Swans as they embark on their spring migration.

At peak time, normally in late March, some 3,000 birds are known to land at the AWMA. With four wildlife viewing stands and plenty of parking, partake in viewing these beautiful birds that will take your breath away. 

A Tundra Swan Line has been created to update those eager to see a bank of swans (a group of swans). Call 519-773-7926 (SSE-SWAN) for updates on the number of swans counted daily or to learn more.

View our Elgin County Maple Trail brochure by clicking here.