Great Fishing Spots

Why not enjoy the summer weather and throw a line or two?! We’ve got a great list of fishing spots from conservation areas, to ours many ports and fish farms! Just remember your valid fishing licence and you are ready to cast!

Ontario Fishing Licence Information

Fishing Licences’ are sold in St. Thomas at the Canadian Tire on 1063 Talbot Street and at the Dixie Dairy Bar on 51 Saint Catharine Street. Check for a list of nearby locations to purchase your fishing licence. 


Catfish Creek Conservation Areas (TRAIL FEES REQUIRED)

1. Archie Coulter Conservation Area

The Archie Coulter CA is at the junction of the north and south branches of Catfish Creek on the Brouwer Line.


Address: 46900 Brouwer’s Line South, Aylmer, ON

Phone Number: 519-773-9037


2. Springwater Conservation Area

The most popular of the Catfish Creek Conservation Authority properties. It features a large pond inside a 600 acre forest in the heart of Carolinian Canada.


Address: 8079 Springwater Road, Aylmer, ON

Phone Number: 519-773-9037


3. Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area

The Yarmouth Natural Heritage Area consists of 208 acres of forest, ponds, wetlands and streams. Vehicles are prohibited from entering the property.


Address: 47502 Sparta Line, Sparta, ON

Phone Number: 519-773-9037



Fishing Charters

1. Erie Fun Tours

Running fishing tours out of Port Bruce, Erie Fun Tours provides many different events, rentals and tours out of Elgin County.


Address: 174 William Street, Port Stanley, ON

Phone Number: 519-943-3743


2. South Coast Fishing Charters

Running fishing charters out of Port Burwell, South Coast Fishing Charters provides great fishing with knowledgeable and friendly staff. 


Address: Howard Street, Port Burwell, Bayham, ON

Phone Number: 519-754-7593


Fish Farms and Hatcheries

1. Pleasant Valley Trout Farms

Located south of Aylmer and just outside of Sparta, Pleasant Valley Trout Farm has numerous ponds with trout, bass, pike and various other species.

Address: 47079 Pleasant Valley Line

Phone Number: 519-775-2521

Family fishing